Micro Spot Care Patch - Microdart Pimple Patch for Zits and Blemish

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Introducing the Magnesium Micro Spot Care Patch – your ultimate solution for impeccable skin. Microdart Pimple Patches to heal acne. Unleash patented skincare innovation infused with advanced technology and a potent blend (Hydrocolloid, Salicylic Acid , tea tree oil)of self-dissolving elements. This pimple patch is the remedy for various skin concerns. Elevate your routine with precise treatment, addressing acne, ingrown hairs, cystic breakouts, and dark spots. Embrace the future of skincare – add the Magnesium Microdart Spot Care Patch to your cart now for flawless skin transformation.


  1. Advanced Self-Dissolving Micro Darts Technology: Our patch features cutting-edge micro darts that painlessly penetrate skin, precisely delivering active ingredients. Say goodbye to traditional discomfort and hello to pain-free, effective results.


  1. Dual-Action Formula: Salicylic Acid and Hydrocolloid Powerhouse: Infused with potent salicylic acid, our patch combats acne, blemishes, and cystic breakouts. Coupled with hydrocolloid benefits, it creates an optimal healing environment for faster recovery and clearer skin.


  1. Ingrown Hair Solution with Hydrocolloid: Beyond acne, our innovative patch tackles ingrown hairs. Hydrocolloid technology gently draws out impurities, reducing inflammation and promoting smoother skin.


  1. Rapid 6 to 8-Hour Results: No more waiting for days. Experience visible changes in just 6 to 8 hours with our Micro Spot Care Patch. Perfect for quick spot treatment before events or important occasions.


  1. On-the-Go Convenience: Busy life? Our discreet, comfortable, ultra-thin patches fit seamlessly into your day or night routine. Let Micro Spot Care Patch work its magic uninterrupted.